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USAR Registration (CIPP)


STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS                                   OR                                   VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS

Part 1(Creating an account): 
1) Go to the Rugby Xplorer website
2) Enter in your email address
3) Create your profile and sign up
4) Verify your account from the email you entered
5) Create your password and confirm

Part 2(Registration):
6) Log into your account
7) Click "Register" in the upper left hand corner of the screen
8) Click "Find a Club"
9) Click "Link a New Player" and enter in your information. You may already be recognized by the system
10) Select the player your would like to register
11) Search your club in the search bar ("
East Palo Alto Razorbacks
") and select it
12) Choose "Player/Coach/Referee" depending on what you are registering as, then choose your "Registration Type" and choose "Season" under the "Duration" drop down
13) Enter in the emergency contact details for the player
14) Agree to the terms and conditions
15) Please hit process payment and then you are done!


The Club Individualized Participation Program (CIPP) is USA Rugby's third party liability insurance coverage.  USA Rugby members automatically receive two forms of insurance when they register, liability insurance and accident insurance.  The USAR CIPP covers accident and bodily injury to third parties and covers rugby-related accidents at practice, matches, and travel to and from those activities.

Rugby Scrum




Youth & High School Claims

If you are a player, or parent to a player, registered to a Rookie Rugby, Youth or High School program, please submit all insurance claims to Nate Dalena, at


Senior Club / Collegiate Claims

Summary of Coverage // FILE A CLAIM »

  • Covers rugby-related accidents for registered members at sanctioned events where all members of the team are registered, the coach is registered and current with certifications, background check and SafeSport certification completed, and the team is compliant and listed as 'current' within the USA Rugby registration platform. A tournament must be sanctioned by USA Rugby in order for an individual to utilize their accident coverage.

  • Must be a registered member prior to time of injury

  • This is secondary coverage, but will serve as primary coverage in the absence of other medical coverage.

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